Moya Guichet is considered one of this country's top mediums and clairvoyants. She is remarkably gifted and has an outstanding reputation built solely on personal recommendation.

Moya's work is her vocation.

Moya believes that she was born with a gift. Throughout her childhood she had "strange" experiences but thought everyone had them and that these experiences were not unique to her. In her late teens Moya's beloved twenty year brother was killed in a car accident by a drink driver. There is no doubt this opened the flood gates. She began to "see", "feel" and "hear" things relating to both him and those around her.

It was at this point that Moya made a decision to see a medium herself. He helped her accept her brother's death and opened her eyes to the life beyond that which we physically see. He spoke with great conviction telling her that at around thirty years old she would be working as a medium clairvoyant herself and would do much good for others.

Smiling as she left the sitting and thinking - "I really don't think so" - Moya ignored her gift - or tried to. For the next decade Moya worked as a head hunter in management consultancy. There is no doubt she was using her natural gifts - a heightened intuition - to find the right people in her work at that time.

Still she would not truly acknowledge her gift.

That gift became stronger. At thirty two Moya returned to the same medium he said: - "What are you doing here asking me questions when you can do this yourself?"

The company car, the company mobile phone and the expense account were all handed back to her employers. That is when Moya's true vocation as a working medium and clairvoyant began.

Moya has never advertised. Yet the work comes in. It comes in abundance. Her commitment to her gift is commendable.

Moya works across a varied spectrum - from high profile corporate events to evenings of clairvoyance and private and group bookings. The accuracy of Moya's readings is exceptional. She provides detailed and specific information about all areas of life in a straightforward and empathic way.

A reading with Moya will offer the opportunity to bring clarity, positivity, inspiration and direction to your life.


Clairvoyant Moya Guichet
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